I’m Sofia and I love to communicate! I’m a strong believer that if we communicate better, the world will be better for it. Specially in health, people should have easier access to the backstage work of scientists like myself. I have created a blog in which I explore the many passions I have about the different layers of science but here you can find a more personal view of what I do. I hope you find it useful!

Have a great day!

Wanting to know more about jobs in science?

I am co-organizing several events aimed at students in doctoral programs , (master students are also welcome), to explore new career paths, develop new skills and build a stronger sense of self in a professional setting.

I’m also available to help students improve their CV, prepare for job interviews and how to maximize their PhD studies.

Are you a science enthusiast?

I give Science Talks at my research institute (ICRC_FNUSA), called “Social Media from a cell’s perspective”. It’s a strong passion of mine to explain the concepts of molecular biology in simpler, more exciting ways. I also approach cancer research the same way, so if you are interested in learning more about these topics, check the blog “Parallel Worlds in Science”.

Are you into Personalized Medicine and Biotechnology?

As a technology scout for ICRC-FNUSA, I like to stay updated on the latest news in Biotech, Pharma and HealthTech, particularly in personalized medicine and cancer fields.

If you are interested in summaries of what I spot as interesting trends or upcoming news in the fields, join me here.