Cancer researcher (Ph.D student, DVM), studying metastasis in breast and lung cancer and scouting new cutting-edge scientific technologies (Technology Scout)

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I’m Sofia and I’m a science enthusiast and also a business-oriented person that is interested in communicating science, developing better disease models and discovering new emerging technologies.

My degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) was obtained at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Lisbon, Portugal and I’m currently working as a PhD student at the International Clinical Research Center, part of St.Anne’s University Hospital (FNUSA-ICRC) and enrolled in the Ph.D Biomedical sciences program of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Masaryk, in Brno, Czech Republic.

As a veterinarian student I worked and volunteered at many different hospitals and with many different animals, from domestic to wild, across the world. It was an exciting experience and gave me valuable insight into the Clinical perspective. Also, it really made me appreciate the value of a good team and the beauty and talent in cultural diversity.

As a PhD student, my project is focused on exploring the atypical MAPK pathway in the invasion process of breast and lung cancer. It’s a very challenging and relevant field, with such promising tools and therapeutic strategies being developed.

I also work as a Technology Scout and I’m particularly interested in Innovation in Science, helping to find new applications from research and help bring it to commercialization. Ultimately, to also find new exciting companies to collaborate with, helping accelerate science. Additionally, in the spirit of learning more about jobs in industry and to spread that word, I have co-founded the BIOTOP seminars at my University.  

I love science communication and that’s why I give the science talks every semester and I have created the “Parallel Worlds” blog.

Finally, I’m a lecturer of Modern Imaging and Analytical Methods in Cellular Biology and Immunology at Masaryk University and I have mentored and trained several students and lab technicians.


Patient-derived Organoids

Spatial Phenotyping

Personalized Medicine

Molecular Biology


CRISPR system, gene editing

Cancer Research (Breast and Lung)

DNA storage

Confocal Microscopy

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

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